The solar pump system is a complete system in a box that you can take with you and carry under your arm. Simply connect the plugs and start pumping water to get started. It is simple to set up and requires no prior knowledge. The device is powered entirely by solar panels and pumps water throughout the day. Because of the high efficiency, sufficient water is pumped during the day and can be stored in a tank for use at night if necessary. There is no need for pricey batteries, gasoline top-ups, or maintenance.

PS2-1800 C-SJ12-4
PS2-1800 C-SJ17-2
PS2-4000 C-SJ30-2
PS2-4000 C-SJ42-2
PS2-150 C-SJ5-8
PS2-1800 C-SJ5-12
PS2-1800 C-SJ8-7
PSK2-21 CS-G150-17/4
PSK2-40 C-SJ120-3
PS2-4000 C-SJ3-32