Aside from solar panel installations, the company is known for bringing important and value-added items to our end customers’ everyday lives. They are also involved in providing goods and services to a variety of industries, both in Sri Lanka and internationally.


Founded in 1878 by Edward Bennet Creasy, The House of E. B. Creasy was incorporated as a limited liability company in 1929, becoming quoted on the local Stock Exchange in 1968. The Company is among the pioneers of The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce joined in 1890, while Darley Butler – a wholly-owned subsidiary – enjoys the distinction of being one of the three oldest members since 1852. Since its establishment, E. B. Creasy has expanded via organic growth and strategic acquisitions becoming a diversified Group that spans a wide spectrum of activities, ranging from import, export, distribution, and freight forwarding to the hotel sector, plantation management and formulating and trading in chemicals. Our key activities are the manufacture of consumer disposables, marketing of hardware and automotive accessories, solar powered lighting systems for rural electrification.


Recognized in Sri Lanka as a long-standing organization that is dependable and stable, E. B. Creasy is a dynamic organization that adapts to the latest technology and trends. Our strong relationships with our international partners have contributed to the development of export and import channels that exchange high-quality commodities. Our products are distributed around the country in partnership with island-wide dealer networks.


To create a Sustainable Future through Renewable Energy

  • To provide the most innovative energy solutions for our customers through our experts by executing and operating the projects efficiently
  • Sustainable growth with a focus on profitability and market leadership
  • Safety and environmental sustainability
Founded by Edward Bennet Creasy, as The House of E. B. Creasy
The House of E. B. Creasy was incorporated as a limited liability company
E.B Creasy set foot into renewable energy industry.
The dynamic organization was recognized as Public limited company

Considering the global trend towards minimizing climate change and the rising cost and supply constraints of fossil fuels, we at E B Creasy entered the renewable energy sector as early as in 2001. Having a diversified business portfolio including manufacturing, plantations, trading etc, we are in a strong position to provide customers with reliable top quality professional energy solutions.

Having installed over 9 MW of solar powered electricity generating systems and a wide range of solar water pumping solutions representing the World’s No. 1 solar water pump manufacturing company, we are pleased to provide continuing support for the energy saving initiative by the entire world community.

We trust our continued commitment towards this purpose will help to resolve climate change issues and protection of the world’s fragile environment not only for the present, but for future generation as well.

We invite you to join us in this initiative and build a strong and long lasting relationship in achieving this goal.

Sanjeev Rajaratnam
Managing Director | E.B Creasy & Co.PLC